Adventurate: Daily Processes Simplified

A Great Experience in the App and Beyond

Adventurate is an app publishing company with a code of ethics. We create productivity apps people need to have. Everything we create can be used on a daily basis. With that understanding, we recognize the responsibility we have to make people's days better. Features fully work upon download (with no strings attached), and we don't have ads or popups to diminish your experience. 

All of our apps have a fair & transparent one time purchase fee. There are no subscriptions, no in-app purchases, and no account creation (which other companies use for nefarious data collection). There are no limits when you purchase one of our apps.

With SwiftCall, SwiftDocs, and SwiftCard, we have a pretty sweet SwiftSuite. Keep an eye out for what's next, because we are always thinking of new ways to improve your day.​


Jake Santangelo

Adventurate, Inc.'s Founder & CEO

Jake founded Adventurate in 2015 as an adventure travel booking app, and pivoted to another business model after learning many lessons about the app world. Successfully navigating a pivot was a challenge, but Adventurate is more successful than ever because of it. While the focus has changed, simplifying processes has always been at the core of Adventurate's identity. 

Jake's proudest moment since starting Adventurate was creating SafeWater Flint, which helped residents of Flint, Michigan find clean water in the midst of their Water Crises (he earned a Character Award award for his efforts).

You can find out more about him at his website or reach out to him by emailing