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CSV Importing

CSVs are incredibly fragile documents. One wrong formatting mistake and the import won't work properly. If your SwiftCall app is crashing upon CSV import, there is a 99% chance that there is a formatting error. 

SwiftCall CSVs must have 6 columns in a specific order: 1) Name; 2) Phone Number; 3) Email; 4) Organization; 5) Notes; and 6) Subgroups. Name & Phone Number must be included, whereas the final 4 can be left blank. Still, make sure there are 6 columns.

If it is formatted properly, go through the following potential issues:

1) Make sure there are NO Header rows/columns on the parent Excel/Numbers document. Even if they don't appear on the child CSV, it will end up messing up the import. 2) Remove all commas. CSVs organize information based on commas, so if they are in the information it will mess up the import. Additionally, paragraph spacing in a cell will mess things up 3) Every row needs to have a name & phone number or else it won't import; and 4) Make sure that your document has six columns (even if the final 4 are empty).​​

For some context, review "the worst SwiftCall CSV ever made" below. Among the other various issues, please note the grey rows. All rows in your Excel/Numbers file should be plain white. Compare this awful CSV to our Good CSV next to it. That is a happy CSV, you will be able to import hundreds or even thousands of leads with it.

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