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Adventurate, Inc.
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    SwiftCard: Flashcard Maker App

    Study Smarter With SwiftCard

    Create unlimited flashcards, test knowledge, and track studying with SwiftCard. SwiftCard is a flashcard app that allows you to quickly create study materials for all your classes. As you test subjects, the app learns how you perform and then prioritizes cards you need to study more.

    SwiftCards are versatile. Cards can be customized with pictures that are hand drawn, imported from the photos library, or scanned. Categorize them into classes to test them together, and review performance on individual flash cards to measure accuracy. 

    A study app that measures progress towards goals. The SwiftCard test system flips through cards under timed pressure and measures performance so progress can be reviewed later. The Dashboard keeps a counter of daily flips to encourage studying - just as a fitness counter would to encourage positive health. 

    Reviews & Pricing

    SwiftCard removes all the clutter that other flashcard apps have. With no cheap ads, subscriptions, or in-app purchases, SwiftCard empowers people to study at their best. See why people love SwiftCard

    SwiftCard Flashcard App Preview